Love Your Neighbor Ministries
Healthcare Outreach

Heart-to-Heart is a 'Gift Bag Project 
Intended to build relationships, especially with nursing home residents, our goal is to reach out in compassion to those who may not have visitors and to simply let people know that someone cares about them.
The brightly colored bags, in the photograph below, are filled with personal specialty items to encourage interaction between volunteers and residents. 
Feedback has been very positive from both the facilities and the volunteers. Residents are encouraged by this gesture of genuine care. Heart-to-Heart was designed to touch hearts and offer encouragement as an example of God's special care for each of us. Everyone who participates--residents, facility personnel, donors, assembly and delivery volunteers. Even the vendors we purchase many of the contents from sense the blessings these bags bring.

Interested in becoming involved?
If you would be interested in becoming involved in any aspect of this project, (personally, prayerfully or financially ), to make a real difference in people's lives, please contact:
Chaplain Dave Compton - or call: 503-997-6976.
It seems that whenever and wherever physical needs are compounded, spiritual needs are multiplied. I have come to realize that I cannot begin to fathom the needs before me, let alone meet them. I implore you to trust the Lord of the harvest with me to "raise up laborers for His harvest field" (Luke 10:2).

Through your prayers!
Unless we are divinely enabled to reproduce ourselves and our efforts, we will never begin to touch the real need. Through your prayers God is raising up a groundswell of committed chaplains who are sensing His call to embrace what may be the fastest growing mission field with the greatest potential for harvest in our day. While this is exciting, it requires the greater dimension of being strategic in order to overcome the growing need. I believe God's strategy to be the deployment of volunteers through local churches as each of us prays, recruits and is willing to become involved in reaching out. Will you consider joining us?

Chaplain Dave & Teri Compton

An outreach of compassion to people
facing health-related needs
and long-term care.