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LYNM's Mailroom
A couple in Washington State  We just felt the need to write and encourage you. How important your ministry is. The work you do is so badly needed. Too many people are "dumped" by their families --only to die. They have so much to offer. Praise the Lord for your service. We appreciate so much your monthly letter.
A retired couple in Nebraska It's remarkable that your last letter was on respect for the elderly, as I have seen much prejudice in the last two years of looking for work. My father used to say that when he was a child growing up in Russia, the elderly were considered the wise ones, but now in America, the children were considered the smart ones! We are happy to know that you are working with the elderly and other forgotten people and pray for you to be used in your ministry.
 A widow in Nebraska  I find that when I visit my mother in the "home," that many others need attention and someone that just cares. Several Sunday School classes from our church give monthly programs in several rest homes in our area. Pray with me that my life will be a real blessing to those older people in these homes as well.
A Bible study group at a nursing homeThank you for taking time and caring for us. We appreciate you very much!
 A recent widow Otto loved you all and the work you are doing.
A retired couple in Colorado  We know God is working through you in helping the lonely ones in the homes you visit. Getting students involved in the ministry would be so wonderful. The family unit has really suffered. Children haven't had the privilege of a whole family, let alone the opportunity to think and care about elderly grandparents. Jesus is the only one who can bring the comfort and peace to these folks, and I'm sure your compassion comes through to those you minister to. We always enjoy hearing from you and about your work. We include you in our missionary prayers. 
 A woman in Nebraska  I had several relatives die in nursing homes. I don't think many of them knew the Lord, but I didn't know Him either at that time. I can certainly appreciate the value of your ministry, especially as I'm with my parents and around older people more.
An elderly widow in NebraskaGod bless all of you in this much needed ministry.
A couple in Nebraska  They like LYN Ministries and they think their brochure is very attractive and well done. We trust the Lord will continue using you in reaching those in all healthcare settings that don't know our Lord Jesus.

Chaplain Dave & Teri Compton

An outreach of compassion to people
facing health-related needs
and long-term care.